Chopin: Nocturnes vol. I

January 3, 2007

About the Album

“These new performances of Chopinʼs Nocturnes constitute a comeback of sorts—and what a comeback it is! Indeed, these wonderfully poetic and inspirational recreations not only remind us that Auerʼs eloquence and technical powers have deepened and attained additional communicative and interpretative mastery, but this new anthology undoubtedly takes an honored place alongside the greatest extant editions of these copiously recorded masterpieces, e.g. Rubinsteinʼs c.1938 versions, Ivan Moravecʼs, and Tamas Vasaryʼs—to name my few favorites.”

— Harris Goldsmith,New York Concert Review

"Edward Auer, a keyboard wizard who sheds knowledge on students at IUʼs Jacobs School, has been engaged in recording the works of Chopin, a composer who has long gained his attention. Heʼs just issued volume one of the Nocturnes, holding13 of these gems. The playing is creamy and dreamy where such is called for and technically brilliant when the music turns ornamental. The belcanto style is ever present. Here is pianism of a lyrical nature, what one would expect from a world class Chopin specialist(Culture/Demain Recordings)."

— Peter Jacobi,Herald Times Columnist

“Edward Auer. Insightful, subtle, artistic, intelligent, passionate. These are the words I would use to describe his playing of Chopin. These Nocturnes are lovingly played, and I can tell that with every note, every phrase, every nuance, every time he presses the pedal down, I can tell. If you want to hear these Nocturnes as youʼve never heard them before, do yourself a favor and buy the whole album, you wonʼt regret it. His pedaling is fantastic, his ideas are insightful, refreshing, and always interesting. The quality of sound couldnʼt be better. His playing reflects the amount of care and thought he has put into these Nocturnes. I listen to this album every night and plan to keep listening until the next album of Edward Auer arrives. Bravo! Edward Auer, bravo!”

— Jed the piano aficionado,iTunes Customer

Recorded March and June 2007

at Culture/Demain Studio in Bloomington, IN